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Thread: Anyone need anything of mine?

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    Anyone need anything of mine?

    Take a look at my site.

    I am looking for hot prospects, 2003 bowman draft chrome autos, star autos, pujols rcs, and autos, mauer rcs gu autos, and prior rcs autos, lebron, carmello, any hot stuff

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    2003 bowman chrome draft Delmon Young rc auto

    im interested in that card. check my site and LMK what you like. i also have lots of Mets stuff thats not on my site so LMK what your looking for.


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    I need your 03-04 Topps LeBron RC for my Topps Rookie Set. Please check out my site and see if anything interests you. PLMK.


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    Sportnut08- didn't see anything i could use

    lazer128 - nope sorry

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    i like your pujols and prior, but you probably don't want to trade them

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    Topps Chrome Pujols RC, I like that card, would you be interested
    in these 2 for it.

    02 Fleer Hot Prospects Future Swatch Jsy Harrington #'d/1000
    02 Playoff Absolute RPM Javon Walker #'d/825

    Would be like $10.00 in your favor, also wanting to know what
    BV your looking for in trade for the D.Young Auto. PLMK

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