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Thread: Anyone have any Horry's?

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    Anyone have any Horry's?

    Im looking for Robert Horry cards any year, dont have any Basketball to trade but will trade Football or pay cash.

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    have these
    93-94 Upper Deck
    93-94 fleer
    95-96 Collectors Choice
    95-96 ultra
    96-97 collectors choice
    01-02 Fleer Maximum
    02-03 topps
    02-03 fleer tadition
    03-04 UD Victory Clutch Shooters

    i will sell all these for 2.00 dlvd or CC... lmk

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    I have a few of his rc's. Ultra, UD, and UD top Prospects. I also have some 03-04 base card of him.

    Will trade for fb rc's
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    Tutall how much cc you looking for?

    Coop13: have a look at my trade page or tell me what rcs your looking for I have a ton of 01 02 and 03 rookies

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    I am not much for football, so list a couple decent rcs that you would trade for the lot, and I will look it over. Thanks

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    i was thinking around 30 CC because of shipping... lmk

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    Tutall I can send you the CC now if you confirm that its a deal. The cards you listed for 30cc.

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    can do... please transfer CC and send me your addy.... cards will go out tuesday

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    BamaFan- i used to collect horry when he was a rocket and now have lost intrest in him...i have a bunch of inserts..rc..and base cards,,,i also have a rc auto with a coa ...let me know if intrested in the whole lot as i can make a short list if your intrested i them

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