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  2. SCC Cyber Week 2017
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    I have a 2003 topps Pristine Pristine Performance jersey of Duece looking for Shaun Alexander gu or gu from one of the players on my want list. lmk

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    I've got this Deuce-

    01 Pacific Impressions First Impressions $10

    I like the Todd Pinkston presspass auto from your site if your interested....let me know...Thanks

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    I have a 03 UD Patch Collection All Upper Deck Deuce McAllister patch if you're interested

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    bamafan - i have a topps dp&p foil jarrett johnson jsy (ALABAMA).......plmk

    wttr - wat else can you give me? got any commons of deuce?......plmk

    allstar - sorry not a rookie, gu, or auto

    thanks and plmk

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    Do you have any 49ers? I have great deuce card you might be interested in.

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    minerbetter - 01 topps heritage red ink #/56 terrell owens auto BV $90

    lost_soul - what do ya want for them


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    Total BV for them is $10, one or two RCs that equal the BV. Portis, Holmes, Rogers, Boldin, Andre/Bryant Johnson, Taylor Jacobs, Newman, Suggs. LMK.

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    I have a 03 Honors Deuce McAllister plates numbered to 38. Iwas already going to trade the changed his mind card is mint condition.

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