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    Talking $19.99 ToysRUs retail box MOJO!

    I had extremely good luck w/ 02-03 UD Honor Roll basketball the past year, whether from full 24 pack retail boxes (got them dirt cheap on Ebay for $25-30) or these blaster boxes (8 packs).

    Remember, this line was retail hobby, so everybody had a shot at getting something and they had high GU ratios. So when I saw 1 box at Toysrus, I said...this has been out for a while, wonder why there is 1 box left compared to all the new 03-04 stuff. So I picked up this "older" box compared to the others knowing I had a good chance at a GU (1:48, but in the 24 pack boxes, I had ALWAYS gotten 1-2 GUs/box).

    Some of the things I gotten from months before in this line, Jordan/Kobe dual warmup ($150), Paul Pierce Auto Jersey ($80), Nash/Finley/Nowitzki Triple Jersey ($40, McGrady/Miller dual warmup ($20), Kidd/Martin dual warmup ($15), (Nash/Nowitzki dual warmup ($15) and a few other warmup cards.

    Now, to today's opening:

    8 packs $19.99

    -Jordan base
    -2 inserts of Ray Allen and Peja
    -Emanuel Ginobili RC #ed /1999 BV $20.00
    -Webber/Kobe/Pierce Triple warmup (black/purple/white) BV $80.00!!!

    Not bad considering I was picking up some discounted board games for my classroom and decided to pick one of these up b/c I heard nice things about Toysrus. If you see a 02-03 Honor Roll basketball box, buy it!!


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    i bought 2 $19.99 boexes and didnt pull anything...boxes were so bad i didnt even get an insert

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    Andrade...what boxes were they? I've purchased other brands before, and they were mostly bad experiences too. As of this year, 02-03 Honor Roll basketball retail (since there is no hobby) is the only one that has been good to me.


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    ima try my luck on those if i see em.....if i dont get anything good its your worth the try......on those other 2 boxes they were football boxes..i have emailed fleer and they told me to send in the upc of the boxes

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    Well, I'm trying to think back. I think I purchased a total of 4 retail 24 pack boxes and 4 blaster 8 pack boxes of this product.

    Out of the 4 24 pack boxes:

    I got the Jordan/Kobe dual warmup, 2x Kidd/Martin dual warmup, Nash/Nowitzki dual warmup, McGrady/Miller dual warmup, and a Swift/Battier dual warmup. 6 GUs in all in 4 boxes that were suppose to be 1:48. Also a ton of foil inserts (some are pretty nice) and #ed RCs.

    In the 4 8 pack blaster boxes:

    Paul Pierce Principal auto jersey redemp, Nash/Nowitzki/Finley Triple warmup, and Webber/Kobe/Pierce triple warmup.

    1/4 boxes didn't have a GU, but if you noticed...other than the Jordan/Kobe dual warmup, I actually did better on the blaster boxes. Funny thing is, the first 3 blaster boxes I bought I did so by mistake on Ebay thinking they were 24 pack boxes lol (didn't read closely).

    Good luck,

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    You're kidding right? CC = nothing (no offense to SCF, great trading forum). The Webber/Kobe/Pierce is $80 BV, saw it sell for $20+ real cash on Ebay twice.

    Now, looking to see that you have 151 CCs, I would gladly sell you 151 CCs for $20 cash since that is essentially the same offer you are making me...


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