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    Weeks/Young/Webb/Hart/Gwynn/Bonderman/Haren RCs FT/FS

    I have this lot of hot rookies I am looking to trade or sale...

    5 different Delmon Young rcs
    6 different Dan Haren rcs
    2 different Rickie Weeks rcs
    2 different Brandon Webb rcs
    1 Jeremy Bonderman rc
    1 Anthony Gwynn Jr. rc
    1 Bo Hart rc

    18 total cards, includes bowman chrome, playoff prestige, all nice brands no Just, Best, Royal Rookies, etc.

    will sell for $40 shipped

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    rookie cards, cards that are made the first season that the player is signed by an MLB team

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    5 different Delmon Young rcs
    2 different Rickie Weeks rcs

    lmk what you need in trade for these...And can you list what they are. Thanks


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    hemibtl what is sealsgraphs protege mean? I can make a list for you if you want

    boneyeard I will check out your tradepage

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