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    New team lots grab bags for cc!!

    I'm now offering a new type of lots for cc. The charge will be 60 cc, but if you decide you want more then only 40 cc. What you are getting are a minimum bv of $8, and at least 15 cards. Most likely more, except for a few teams. If your team is one without a cert auto, or gu, then I will be inserting autos that I have obtained my self. Just let me know what team (s) you want, transfer the cc, and then enjoy the cards!!
    I will be including many good prospects, and other stuff as well.
    To get rid of some of the retired player's cards, I will be giving those away as well!!

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    So each grab bag will come with an auto, either obtained by you or a real certified auto?

    PLMK, I might buy one


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    Yes but there are some teams I don't have any autos of. So if you were interested in a Rockies, I don't have any autos. If you were interested in getting the grab bag of the Rockies, but the auto from another team then thats fine.

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    I'll take 2 the total would be 100 right?

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    Yep..That's right..I have some goodies for the philly's bag.
    You can transfer the cc whenever, and send your address!!

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    hairston - are there any certified autographs or GU cards in the grab bags?

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    Yes, but only in two teams bags!!
    ** Notice **
    I don't have cert Au/Gu, or in person for some teams. Those teams bags will just receive extra cards!!
    Thank you!!

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