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    Doesnt Anyone have High-end rookies? I NEED CARMELO!!!!

    i am looking for all high end rookies from this year, that means with a Bv of 15++ OR the following cards/players:
    Marcus Banks
    Josh Howard
    Chris Bosh
    Ndudi Ebi
    Some Darko
    Bowman Gold Rookies (non-commons)
    Bowman Chrome Refractors, X-fracotrs, Gold refractor Rookies
    Fleer Traditon Draft Day Rookies or Crystal Rookies
    All Rookie Autographs
    Fleer Ultra Lucky 13's
    Topps Black Border Rookies (non-commons)

    someones gotta have some of these
    PLEASE help me out!

    thanks alot, -Ben
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    i have ALL of the 1st round picsk from this past draft topps rookies. LMK whast kindof bv youd trade for the lot thanks.

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    Coulden't quite understand what you are looking for, but can trade sell you these. Also LMK what basketball autos you got. Thanks.

    Carter, Vince 1998-99 Bowman's Best $20
    Ming, Yao 2002-03 Topps $15
    Stoudemire, Amare 2002-03 Ovation 0354/1999 $50
    Anthony, Carmelo 2003-04 UD Top Prospects #5 $5
    Anthony, Carmelo 2003-04 UD Top Prospects #57 $3
    James, LeBron 2003-04 UD Top Prospects #60 $6
    Milic, Darko 2003-04 UD Top Prospects #4 $3

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    Josh Howard 04 Topps Pristine Uncirculated Rookie Refractor Serial #416/499 card #186

    Marcus Banks 04 Topps Pristine Uncirculated Rookie Refractor Serial #054/499 card #138

    Josh Howard 04 Tradition Draft Day Rookie serial #026/375

    Looking to sell these or trade for GU's and Auto's plus I am still looking through my cards for more.
    Peace and Regards

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    Carmelo Bowman Chrome available for sale or trade from something from my sig.

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    sorry Mike I am not that big into football. Did not see that much basketball. I am willing to sell.

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    i have a marcus banks fleer focus rc auto #'d / 100 and a keith bogans fleer focus silver rc #'d /25. i'm looking for lebron rc's. lmk.

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    not from this year, but lotkey rcs like tmc, kobe, duncan, iverson, francis, shaq... lots in baseball too. check my page and pm me if anyone likes anything

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    mfweiland- i like them all! lmk if u see anything on my site at:

    KobeFan8-i like those 2 u have but i dont have any lebrons at the moment...check my site anyways to see it u like something....the link is in the paragraph above.

    Brunell8- i like the carmelo as well and again, check my site to see nething u like.

    Mrnelly-thanks for the post but for now im only interested in this years stuff.

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