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    Looking for a big trading weekend...

    Hey everyone...

    Being Suberbowl weekend, I'm pumped to do some trading. I'm looking mostly for Jamal Lewis high-end RCs right now, but I'm also looking for any AUTOs, GU, RCs you might have. I'm also willing to trade cross-sports.


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    is the tony gwynn auto for trade? i have a 2000 ex jamal lewis rc and i could throw in something else

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    The offers on the Gretzky were getting to be a little more than I was willing to offer.


    The Gwynn is for trade, but I'd need at least a HOF or star AUTO for it. I'm still working on a Jamal Lewis Contenders or SPX AU RC.


    The only card I'm really interested in is your 2002 Flair Sweet Swatch Autographs Donovan McNabb , but given your handle, I'm guessing it isn't for trade.

    Thanks for all your replies,

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    all i asked was the bv of the cards
    the gretzky bv $150 so i want $120 in trade

    are there any cards you are interested in my posts?

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    I'm confused. What cards were you asking the BV on?

    There are a lot of great cards in your post, but nothing I could use right now.

    Thanks though,

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