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Thread: Why is this true???

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    Why is this true???

    ok i recently pulled an 03 leaf rookies and stars material autograph of willis mcgahee. The card is #ed to 550 with only the first 50 autographed which is what i will get. The bv is $80. my question is why in other sets such as SPX is the Willis Mcgahee auto/jsy rc #ed 450 $120 and mine is $80. there are 400 more cards that are autographed in the SPX set then in mine, so why is mine $40 less.

    ps not complaining (best pull of my life) just curious.

  2. Kronozio
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    Well, the jersey/auto combination is in very high demand. Hope this helps.

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    i agree, that is why i am wondering. my card is also a jersey/auto combination

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    I think it is because SPX,SP Authentic and Contenders are the most popular brand regardless of numbers. Higher end products usually bring higher $$$ cards.

    By the way, let me know if you want to sell the card. I collect him and Simms.
    Thanks, John

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    john- i was considering it, but it is a redemption and i won't have it for probably another two weeks. when i get it and make sure donruss didn't screw it up, then i would be open to offers. thanks for the info guys

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    Yeah theres nothing more to it.. The fact that Rookies and Stars really isnt a great product compared to spx and sp authentic.. Good luck with the redemption though.. Lately ive heard that its been extreme trouble with them


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    well the good thing is that their redemption building is about 15 minutes away from where i lived. i was actually able to go there and deliver it myself, so i know they have it.

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