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  1. #1 something here ya might like....scan.....

    2003 Flair Sweet Swatch P.Holmes Reebok Logo Patch #'d /25/25 ... this is coming out of my personal stuff and i am open to offers ...i prefer a 1 for 1 trade but will consider 2-3- for it if its in my favor....i told you that you would get 1st shot at it if i was to ever think about trading it ...well...i'm thinking lol...just thinking but lets see what we can work out..heres a scan...there is only 2 places on the entire jersey to get the reebok logo its a dang tough pull.

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    wow man, nice card.. This is just a future suggestion is to put these kinda things either in a pm or if the card is opened for trade to put it in the trading forum located just a tad bit down the page from here on the forum homepage..


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    dang...sorry about that guys :(...does the new show ? lol;)

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    cardnyou - it's ok

    I'll move this over to the TRADING FORUM

    please remember to post all future buy/sell/trade over there

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