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Thread: Looking for Michael Jordan

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    Looking for Michael Jordan

    HI Everyone,
    I am looking for Jordan cards from his years with the Bulls and with the Wizards. Mainly need inserts, parallels, and Game Used items from these years. I do need some base cards, but mainly from his Wizard years. Check out my website:

    I have cards in basketabll, baseball, and football.
    LMK what you have. I also have GU of Jordan to trade for other Jordan GU items. thanks

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    heres the victory SPs, sorry i had forgotten

    highlight reel makers #227
    sharpshooters #162
    farewell to a legend #230, #231, #232

    and then i recently put these two on my list
    Jordan, Michael 98-99 SPx Finite Radiance /5000 -$40
    Jordan, Michael 98-99 SPx Finite Superstars /5400 -$25


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    I have
    02-03 Topps Chrome REF bv50
    01-02 Topps Hardcourt bv15
    02-03 UD MJ the Comback bv10
    88 Starting lineup (just the card, one bent corner)
    LMk if you are interested in them.

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    I have these to offer, strictly for sale, all from the 2001-02 season:

    UD SPX #90
    Topps High Topps #51
    UD #178

    Asking $25 total for the three of them, including shipping. Can't accept card cash or trades. LMK if you can use these.
    "You can't have an oversight committee on stupidity!"--Woody Paige, "Around the Horn", 2/11/08

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    i got alot of jordan cards on my site thats for trade plus i m adding n some new stuff. i dont have ne gu of him for trade though
    01-02 UD Ovation UNC Floor #MJF4 Michael Jordan

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    Let me know for what price wouled you buy these you need. thanks

    Michael Jordan
    1992-93 SkyBox Olympic Team USA11 $25
    1991-92 SkyBox 534 $8
    1993-94 Stadium Club 169 $4
    1996-97 Upper Deck 16 $5
    1996-97 Upper Deck Michael's Viewpoints Jumbos (#VP1-VP10) $3 each as a set $25
    2002-03 Topps 10 $4
    2002-03 Topps Verticality V8 $12
    2002-03 UD Glass 90 $8
    2002-03 Upperd Deck MVP $4

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    bdrr: I need:
    highlight reel makers #227
    sharpshooters #162
    farewell to a legend#232LMK
    Kobe080: Interested in your 02-03 Topps Chrome REF bv50

    LMK what you can use
    hobbyfan and I have them all already. thanks
    l3ulls4us: I will check out your site. Good to see you again.

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    any chance i could get the gasol auto (bv 20) for the three?
    if not ill take another look for some other stuff

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    i have a 20 dollar insert........maximum power jordan bv 20

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    Can you do Jordan REF for K-Rush Ultimate Auto?
    LMk. Thanks

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