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    Cool 2004 Donruss Rocco Baldelli Black Press Proof #01/10 for Sale!!

    I have the 2004 Donruss Black Press Proof of Rocco Baldelli that I pulled myself. The card is serial numbered #01 of 10. Not just one of the 10, but the first! (I was thrilled to find it in a hot pack)

    Obviously there is no bv.
    I'm looking to sell it so I can put some $ toward a box purchase.

    I will listen to all offers and can take m/o or PayPal. A personal check is OK but will have to clear the bank before sending.
    Feel free to post or PM me with offers. I will keep it available here for a couple days and then perhaps it will go to eBay if I do not sell it here (which I would prefer), but I wanted SCF members to have first shot.

    Let me know if you are interested.
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    Update: I'll be away for a few hours (taking my family out) but will respond to everyone's PMs tonight.

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    To clarify a couple of questions I've received, I am willing to look at trades as well (I realized I didn't mention it earlier), but it would just have to be something good.

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