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    Could someone help me and give me a BV for these graded football cards?

    2001 Finest LaDainian Tomlinson PSA Gem MT 10 #132
    2000 UD Pros & Prospects Plaxico Burress PSA9 #89
    2001 Topps Chrome Rookie Refractor Santan Moss PSA9 #224
    2001 Finest Anthony Thomas PSA Gem MT 10 #121

    Thanks in advance for any help on current BV!!!

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    Still looking for a BV on these guys, does anyone have a current Beckett Football...I have been trying to buy one at some stores and can't find one anywhere and of course Beckett Online doesn't provide graded prices LOL.....

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    In order of what you posted:


    I believe those are all the correct prices according to the June Beckett.

    In return for giving you the prices, you owe me one of those cards, LOL.

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