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    Fleer Authentix Tony Parker Auto Jersay redemption card

    I am looking to trade this for an 03-04 rc auto or auto/jersey. Let me know what you have and I will check it out.

    Would also consider trading for a decent low end jeresy and low end auto of good players

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    Im kind of interested.....skeptical because its a redemption though.....I guess check my site and see what you can use....

    Whats the book on it and what BV are you looking for?

    When does it expire?


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    I'm also interested...don't have any 03-04 autos, but I will give a list of autos once you let us know what kind of BV you're looking for.

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    I am not totally sure what I need for it yet. Post or pm me a list of what you have, and I will let you know if I see anything I like

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