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Thread: Need to get rid of these.....

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    Need to get rid of these.....

    I'm running out of room in my house, the room I have, so some of my cards need, and I emphasize NEED, to go. Anything on my page is up for sale, and if there's nothing there, lmk. I have tons among tons of cards, and I can sell boxes of commons and such, also! (Boxes of commons-$10 for every 1500) I would rather not trade at the time, BUT if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY I will sell.
    *for small purchases, SASE will be required*


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    have any mark teixeira, ian stewart, aaron marsen, or scott beerer?


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    Is that $10 + $??? shipping or does that include shipping? Also, what years/sets do you have commons available at that price?

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    moose-I have a lot of autographed cards of the Pittsburg Pirates...I got them in person, in the hotel and the stadium...Will you trade some of your certified autographs for my Pirates autographs?

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    lazer, I'll look tonight for you.
    Ken, the $10 for the commons does include shipping. I have commons at this price from the late eighties, a few from mid 80s, as well as a bunch from the newer years. A ton of 02 Topps, all Series 1), among others.
    DMILES, the closest thing I have to certified autographs right now are two minor league autos. (total BV:$4)


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