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    Raiders/49ers fans LOOK!! Past and present player cards FOR SALE!!!

    I am selling off all of my cards due to needing money and getting out of card collecting.

    I have RC cards, vintage cards, inserts (some low #) and lots of base cards of my 2 favorite NFL teams... Raiders and 49ers. If a player you like plays or played for either team, chancees are REALLY good that I have at least a few of them.

    PLMK who you want from these before I add them to eBay.
    I will try and see if anyone here is interested in buying them before putting them on eBay.

    Selling only as I need the $$ more than the cards. I am getting rid of everything!!

    PM me if there is anything or anyone in particular you are looking for.
    I have a lot of everything.

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    i am looking for these 49ers, lmk,thanks

    ken dorsey
    tim rattay
    kevan barlow

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    Lost_Soul- I told ya what I would like to get out of them, you said you couldn't do it.

    Soxfan, I will get ya a list of all of those players ASAP

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    Originally posted by starbury805
    I need Brandon Lloyd
    What team does he play for again?

    I have so many from both teams it is hard to remember.


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    I thought so, I will look and see if I have any. If I do it will not be anything big but I will still LYK

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