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    anybody want to buy any cards for very cheap



  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Do you have any rcs for sale? If so, can I get a list as well as what you want for them?

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    well, i can get a list for you how long will you e on tonight

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    i have way too many too list, what would you be interested in player wise and stuff

    I have 3 manny rcs all different

    let me know

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    well, the best cards i got are the 3 manny rookies

    lmk if you would be interested in those


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    I PMed you already, but I'm interested in Rickey Henderson cards (TOPPS ONLY)

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    can you go to the baseball trading forum and look at my post called "EVERYBODY HAS TO READ THIS" and see if you have any cards that i need...thanks

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