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    Looking for 2 players now and will trade my games too!!!

    Hey everyone heres what I'am looking for now!

    Terrel Owens - all cards
    Brandon Lloyd - all cards

    I got cards in my site check it out My Site

    PC Games

    Mechwarriors Mecenaries(with book)
    Devastation(intrusctions inside the cd case)
    Madden 2004(with book)
    Serious Sam 1(no book)
    Seriuos Sam 2(no book)

    PS2 Games

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(no book)

    PS Games

    Fighting Force
    Duke Nukem Time to Kill
    Final Fantasy 7(with book)


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    i got T.O.'s auto through the mail on a card. it looks VERY VERY real. He signed for about a week during training camp by mail an i was lucky enough to get back from him. Are you interested? PLMK!

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    ya i have a scan, it might be a little while until i can get it posted.

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    starbury- I just found a Rattay U.D. Pros & Pros RC....lmk if interested

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    no thnx you need any games or cards from, lmk I'll look at your site if you do

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