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    Joey Harrington RC/AU--Get Graded?

    The card is:

    2002 Sage Auto Gold RC Joey Harrington #d 216/215. BV: $60.00

    I have a coupon for getting a card graded for free.

    The quesiton is:

    Should I get this card graded? It is the highest BV card that I have.

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    if you are confident that the card will get an 8.5 + then i would definately get it graded. it's only $10 for shipping and then if it gets a crappy grade you can crack it out of the case. i'd go ahead and get it graded

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    Only 2 have voted, I would love to hear some more of your guys comments and see your votes...thanks!

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    Is the Auto Nice and bold or is it kinda skimpy? Im pretty Sure Beckett also grades the auto. If the card is in good condition and the autograph is nice, I would do it. It would put the BV of it well over $100 with a good grade. Good Luck with whatever you do!

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    I just traded for it for my Ichiro GU BV $50.00, so I am not sure how the auto looks, but I am pretty sure it will be nice..He also assured me great condition...thanks for your comments!

    I will let you know what I am going to do with it, and if I get it graded, I will let you know what it gets.

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    sure, you should get it graded

    1. b/c that coupon most likely has an expiration date
    2. b/c it's free
    3. b/c then you can sell it for more than if it was ungraded, assuming the card doesn't get a bad grading

    QBs get hurt easily, and if it ends their career prematurely, the card is worthless

    ex: Ryan Leaf

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    Very true podstock.

    From the way it looks like, I am going to get it graded once it arrives...thanks for your comments (feel free to make more if you want to)!

    Thanks again, I will let you guys know what grade it gets!

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