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    I NEED ALL CARMELOS!!!! sum1 has to have them.

    listen up.....i need carmelos...i am seriously going to try and collect as many cards of him as possible.....lmk whut u have and whut u like off my seems no1 on this whole Flippen site has any melos for trade.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I got 2...

    2003-04 Bowman Rookies And Stars Carmelo #140
    2003-04 Topps Bazooka James/Milicic/Anthony/Bosh Quad Sticker

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    i need both....did u see anything from my site that u liked? by the way, i sent you a pm about having my avator changed to a picture of carmelo...lmk on both topics.

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    Looking at your site I see you're looking for Marcus Banks also. You interested in a Pristine Marcus Banks RC 573/999? I also have an Ebi bowman if you're interested in that also.

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    i like the banks but no interest in the ebi...i have his refractor....did u see anything from my aite that u like? and is it kool if u change my avatar to melo as well?

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    2001 Score Melenium Men Auto Rudi Johnson /25
    2003 Sp Authentic Peyton Manning /900


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    lol...u have to choose the big ones dont ya iggy? lol well, the manning if definetly not for trade, but the rudi may, if i get the right offer, may be delt.....ill check ur site now.

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    haha...i notice ur site is "under construction" wel is there a tradelist of basketball i can look at?

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    I have these from my personell collcetion I would need ver, verty good cads in return:

    03 UD Hardcourt #0115/1999
    03 Bowman chrome X-Fractor #D147/150
    03 Topps Black #D419/500
    03 Melo Topps, victory, MVP (2)
    03 Melo E-X RC

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