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    Teixeira and Blalock Autographs for trade

    I have both of these available, LMK if anyone is interested in either. Looking for other autos of Seattle Mariners and star players. Thanks

    03 Fleer Hot Prospects Playergraphs Auto 352/400 Mark Teixeira

    03 SPx Young Stars Autograph GU'ed Jersey 0833/1295 Hank Blalock

    BV is $25 on each

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    Interested in the Teixeria....would you be interested in Gu and Rc's if i offered around 40 BV?

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    Depends on which RC's and GU'ed they were. For GU'ed, all I'd be able to use is nice Patch cards and current Seattle Mariners

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    and i could give you a couple nice patch cards like i have a zito bv 25 and a randy johnson bv 25 lmk each is 3 colors
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    I like the Teixeira auto also, I dont have any Mariners at this time though, I wish I did, but I could give you a 03 Donruss Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Don Mattingly 2 color jersey card #d 235/400 BV $40 for the Teixeira, PLMK either way

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    jandj- not for sell. I wouldn't trade the two of them for the 2 patch cards you're offering, sorry. Any trade with GU'ed would have to be in my favor

    Mike- Thanks for the offer, but I'll pass on the Mattingly

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    03 SPx Young Stars Autograph GU'ed Jersey 0833/1295 Hank Blalock

    mad - I am collecting this set so I could use this! I have and Edgar 2001 SPx GU BV15 and some others to list... LMK iof interested!


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    Stephen- Is this an auto? thanks

    Rod Carew 2001 Fleer Greats of the Game BV $25

    Rippaflow- I like these:

    Skybox Autographics
    Tony Gwynn
    Donruss Best of Fan Club Franchise Features #/25
    Vladimir Guerrero

    How much are looking for in trade for the Vlad?

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