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    WTTF: 03 UD Prospect Premiers Adam Jones Autograph

    Will trade 1-1.5x BV for these cards. If anyone has any available, PLMK (will take as many as I can get). Thanks

  2. Kronozio
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    i have an adam jones but i didn't see anything in the range of the jones that i needed. can we make this a bigger deal for the prior, snider, or the nomar auto?

    if not, i completely understand.

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    I would trade the Nomar auto as long as I'm getting something else I can use. Off your list, these mid-ranged cards are of interest (the Jones is $15, Nomar $50)

    PEDRO MARTINEZ 2001 fleer Platinum Nameplates 3 Color Patch (Black, Gray, Red) Hand #'d/120

    BARRY BONDS 1986 fleer Update ROOKIE CARD #U14

    TODD HELTON 1993 Topps Traded ROOKIE CARD #19T

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    the pedro was traded early this afternoon. i am only trading my "star" rookies for other "star" rookies i need of similar value.

    however, i do have a 03 donruss the rookies rett johnson #/1000 auto rc. anything else that you need or that you are looking for?

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    I can use the Rett Johnson, but bv on that is only going to be $10-15 or so. Do you have any other GU'ed patch cards or autographs around $20-25?

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    what if i add a 03 topps record breakers george brett bat (bv=25)..

    the deal would be like this:
    i get : nomaar auto (bv=50)

    you get: rett johnson auto rc( bv=10-15), adam jones auto rc (bv=15), georgee brett bat (bv=25) - total bv= 50-55

    let me know if you can do that.

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    sorry, not really a huge GU collector and would probably need a slightly better trade if I'm trading 1 auto down for several cards (including non-autos). can you add something, or do you have anything to offer besides the Brett?

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    i'm already trading at equal value if not more....the only other thing i can add is an 03 sp authentic rett johnson #'d rc. that's the most i can trade for the nomar. i might be trding multiple cards but i 'm ttrading away 2 autograph rcs...all youur trading is an auutograph (that's not even a brand name).

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    I can do it with the Rett Johnson SPa RC included. Please send a PM if we have a deal

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    just trying tto get the most you can, aren't you, lol....anyway i'll go post this trade and pm you my mailing info and all that other good stuff.


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