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    Selling all these 2003 bowman futures game used for $3 or 4 each

    All of these will be three or four and a sase
    heres the ones I have
    AC Aaron Cook
    AW Adam Wainright
    BB Brad Baker
    BH Bill Hall
    BM Brett Meyers
    BT Billy Traber
    CT Chad Tracy
    FL Francisco Liriano
    EA Edwin Almonte
    FB Francis Beltran
    HC Hee Seop Choi(pending)
    JDR Jorge De La Rosa
    JEB Joe Borchard
    JH Justin Huber
    JJ Jimmy Journell
    JK Josh Karp
    JM Justin Morneau(pending)
    JMS Josh Stephens
    JR Jose Reyes $4
    JY Jason Young
    LO Lyle Overbay
    MR Michael Restovich
    OI Omar Infante
    SC Shin Soo Choo
    SS Seung Song
    TA Tony ALvarez
    VD Victor Diaz
    WP Wily Mo Pena
    JL Jose lopez

    also I added a
    2003 bazooka Todd Helton game used for 3
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    i would like this one!!!
    2003 Piece of the game kerry wood for 4

    please pm me
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    I will trade by bv or sv as long as I like what I'm getting


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    only for 2003 prospect premieres or I will take a dollar off if you buy more than one
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