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    Willing to trade up to TWO TIMES book value for cards on my want list

    Attention Collectors:

    I am willing to trade up to twice book value for any cards on my want list. My list is as follows:

    1. Any Mike Vanderjagt cards
    2. Reggie Miller cards
    3. 1997-98 E-X2001 Essential Credentials Now & Future NBA cards

    PLMK if you have any of these and are willing to trade and/or sell, as I am also willing to buy.

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    i have one of those ex credentials future cards of jery stackhouse.. itstoo scarce too list i think only 33 or something made.. you interested??

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    either you have the wrong year card or the wrong number because the jerry stackhouse now is numbered to 15 and the future is numbered to 66. i already have the future so i would only be interested if u have the now version. plmk. thanks

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    i think its essential crdentials future if i remeber correctly.its pink where there normally clear..


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    do you need any of these?
    i dont need anything in my favor, id just be looking for something i could use

    Miller, Reggie 00-01 Topps Reserve All-Star Jersey -$30
    Miller, Reggie 98-99 UD Ionix Reciprocal /750 -$8
    Miller, Reggie 00-01 UD Slam Extra Strength Silver /500 -$6


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    i would be willing to trade for the jersey and the slam extra strength. plmk what you r looking for. thanks.

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    pm me if interested

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    which fleer tradition reggie are you talking about that is numbered out of 175? nuttynelly, i already have the reggie feel the game jersey. thanks.

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    reggie miller 9495 sp die cut
    reggie miller 1996 Collector's Choice Int'l Special Edition Holograms H4
    reggie miller 9495 c choice BP gold signature (european??)


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