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Thread: beckett coupon for trade:

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    beckett coupon for trade:

    looking to trade this for a nice GU, auto, or RC...

    with this coupon from beckett you get:

    1 Big Beckett Plus magazine ($9.99 value)
    1 Beckett Baseball Collector ($4.99 value)
    2 FREE 5-Day grading coupons ($40.00 value)

    to recieve the above stuff, all that is required is mailing in $5.99 for shipping and handling fees.

    the coupon expires June 1, that shouldnt be an issue...

    lemme know if interested...would like a $20-$25 card in return!


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    im intersted..lmk
    ill give you a GREAT deal!!

    check my page and list things youre interested in

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