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    am trading the following autographs:

    autographed luis tiant baseball(for all you boston fans) $20
    autographed joe mauer baseball $20
    autographed juan gonzalez baseball $30
    autographed ivan rodriquez baseball $30
    autographed paul molitor baseball $50
    autographed carl yazstremski baseball $50
    autographed brendan shanahan puck $30
    autograpehd jagar puck $30
    autographed ivan rodriquez bat $60
    autographed juan gonzalez bat $70
    and alot of autographed cards $5 EACH **FREE S/H**
    autographed adam dunn mcfarlane **TRADED**
    autographed eric hinske mcfarlane (grey)**TRADED**
    autograhped mike schimdt golf ball $30
    autographed pat burrell/jim thome dual signed baseball ***SOLD****
    autogarphed ed marinaro golf ball $20 (vikings player)
    autographed gary carter golf ball $20
    autographed 8x10s:
    mike schmidt $50
    jevon kerse(he is from my home town fort myers)$20
    edgerin james(he is also from the fort myers area)
    gary carter $30
    rollie fingers $25

    i have pictures of some of these autographed items that i can email you

    i live where the boston red sox and minnesota twins springtraing this is also a hot bed for celeberty golf tournaments and pga tournys so i have had the pleasure to meet many sports and entertainment figures these are all authentic autographs optained by me in person.

    i will entertain all offers email me at
    if interested i have pictures of most of these autographs as well as the players signing(only a few pics) i could email to anybody interested in trading
    here is a link to some of my photos of these autographs
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