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Thread: need every card of these guys

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    Talking need every card of these guys

    Rickie Weeks-More than the others
    Anthony Gwynn
    Prince Fielder
    Dave Pember
    Bill Hall
    Brad Nelson
    JJ Hardy
    Mike Penney

    lmk if you have any!
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    I have these two cards of Bill Hall:
    2002 Leaf Certified Bill Hall NG Bat #457/500
    2002 Leaf Gold Leaf Rookies Bill Hall 7
    Looking for stuff in my signature. PM me if you are interested.---walter

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    Oh, yes. I have this as well,
    2001 Leaf Limited Mike Penny 226 #980/1500
    Let me know.---walter

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    I have a 2003 Bowman Chrome Xfractor Dave Pember.
    Looking for Bryan Bullington, Oliver Perez, John Vanbenschoten, Sean Burnett.

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