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    football,baseball,basketball,for sale

    im selling a lot of cards,this lot consists of the following unopened boxed packs
    1991 score nhl
    1994 score baseball
    1991 fleer ultra football
    2-boxes 1986 topps baseball
    1991 parkhurst hockey
    1992 donrus baseball

    now there are 7 card keeper boxes with 100 or more cards in them ,and 3 boxes that hold 1000 cards full,the boxes contain basket ball,baseball,some football and hockey,
    from fleer,skybox,nba hoops,donruss,frontline,has 1991,1993,and down on the yrs not sure of other yrs but,the collections are nice,dream team 1991 cards,rookie cards from ,shaqu frontline (i think),larry johnson,christian laitner ,just a lot of cards,im guessing over 5-6000 cards in all ,not really interested in them,asking $80.00 or best offer for everything plus $26.78 shipping to the lower 48 states

    email any questions

    can provide auction references if needed,and accepting paypal only

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