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    WTTF Joe Mauer, Lew Ford, Kris Benson

    I am looking for any of these cards to complete a trade if anyone can help me please let me know. I definitely need the Mauer Chrome and what ever I can get of the rest. Any help would be appreciated.

    2003 Bowman Chrome Draft 148 Joe Mauer

    2003 Fleer Tradition Update 316 Lew Ford ROO

    2000 Pacific Copper 333 Kris Benson
    2004 Donruss Stat Line Career 336 Kris Benson/106
    2004 Donruss Stat Line Season 336 Kris Benson/68

    I have these 04 Donruss and whats on my trade page link in sig.

    2004 Donruss Diamond Kings Inserts 11 Scott Rolen 2384/2500
    2004 Donruss Stat Line Career 287 Dave Roberts 069/261
    2004 Donruss Stat Line Season 221 Matt Williams 065/134

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    It is not on your list, but I have this Lew Ford.

    2003 Studio Lew Ford RC Beckett Silver Promo



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    let me get back to you on that. what are you asking in trade value for it?

    dont need that thanks
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    yoda - I have 2 bowman Rc's, 2 topps Rc's, Topps Chrome RC's and 03 Bowman Draft Jersey all of mauer.....have any Brett Myers, Chase Utley or other Mauers?

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    I only need this card of Mauer
    2003 Bowman Chrome Draft 148 Joe Mauer
    Sorry no Myers, Utley, or Mauer as I also am collecting Utley and have a chance of getting 03 Topps Chrome Refractor Utley if I can find any of the cards I listed above.

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