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    Looking for Teixeria and Mauer GU

    no singles or autos, just Game Used.....lmk what you need in return.

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    Teixeira is my player also. I do have a 03 Topps Future Phenoms Bat card bv only $10, but I would need a decent rc or another decent g-u to get it from me. My list is at bottom of my rc thread if interested. Thanks

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    If you can add your Topps Joe Mauer RC with the Teixeria, i would trade you a 2001 SP Game Used Edition A-Rod jersey (Mariners white Swatch) BV 15, lmk!

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    I already have that card. Anyone else. I can do a trade like that

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    The only jerseys I have available are 2003 Fleer Showcase Baseballs best Barry Zito Jersey BV 10 and a 2003 Fleer Platinum Pedro Martinez platinum portraits jersey BV 10, I could trade you 20.00 in 03 Bowman Draft RC's for the Teixeria.....lmk!

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    I think I will just hold it for awhile. I am collecting him right now. Thanks anyway

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    No problem, I'll PM you my addy now for the other trade. Thanks!!

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