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    Looking for Pristine Uncirculated refractor RC's and Autos

    Let me know what you have of these cards. I will see what you have and make an offer. I will either trade or buy if the price is right.
    thanks Clay

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    I have a few. They are from the 2003 Pristine set

    #118 Bernie Castro 33/99 rare
    #128 Joey Gomes 398/1599 com
    #131 Wil Ledezma 808/1599 com
    #132 Wil Ledezma 318/499 unc
    #137 Jeremy Bonderman 1448/1599 com
    #143 Ben Francisco 1055/1599 com
    #147 Jason Kubel 306/499 unc
    #158 Hanley Ramirez 55/1599 com
    #159 Hanley Ramirez 78/499 unc

    Let me know what you think.


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    what are you looking for I have some game used to trade....

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    Let me know what you have. I notice you don't have a webpage so I'm not sure what's available


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    Gu'd for trade....
    01 UD SP Legendary cuts Wade Boggs Bat #B-WB
    02 Stadium Club Born is the USA Johnny Damon Bat #USA-JD
    02 Fleer Platinum ClubHouse Collection Gary Sheffield Gray jsy
    01 UD SP Game Bat Milestone Edition Mike Piazza #M-MP
    02 Topps American Pie Game Worn Grey Jsy Bill Buckner#TTY-BB
    01 UD Hereos of Baseball GU'd Bat Bill Buckner #B-BB
    01 Fleer Greats Dueling Dous Gu'd Bat Carlton Fisk #DD-CF 1
    03 Fleer Platinum Heart of the Order Gu'd Bat Shawn Green 265/400
    02 UD Sweet Spot Gu'd Bat Dwight Evans #B-DE
    01 Topps Archives Reserve Gu'd Bat Wade Boggs reprint refractor of 83 topps RC. #498
    03 Topps Finest Gu'd Bat Wade Boggs #FRB-WB
    03 Fleer Hardball Gu'd white jsy Nomar Garciaparra
    01 UD SP Game Bat Milestone Edition Gary Sheffield #M-GS
    03 Fleer Authentix Gu'd gray jsy Manny Ramirez #JA-MR
    02 Fleer Platinum ClubHouse Collection Gu'd gray jsy Nomar Garciaparra
    this is what I have

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    sorry man I don't do ebay. I'm on the yahoo auctions. If i got onto ebay I would spend way to much money and my wife would kill me.....

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    I am not seeing anything in particular that I want. Do you possibly have anything else or maybe we can work something different out.

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    Well I have two more uncirculated to trade if you'd like
    #33 Larry Walker 24/99
    #90 Pat Burrell 90/99

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