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    ANDY MARTE Finest RC Auto $30 shipped and insured

    This card is mint with a crisp sig, will sell it for $30 and that includes shipping and insurance or will trade it for a higher $ card. These are going for up to $40 + s&h on ebay:

  2. Kronozio
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    CP, lmk if you need anything from the ol site..Thanks


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    boneyard I have checked your site many time before...I say I like the Vick rc and Pujols autos and you say they're not for how bout $30 for it? ;-)

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    I was on a different kind of message board and I saw a guy with the name PC20. At first I thought it was you, and then I remembered you're CP20.

    LMK if Griffeyfan passes.

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    griffeyfan I don't have a paypal needs to be money order, check, or cash (recommend if you send cash send it tracked or something)

    griffeyfan and iggy, whoever responds with a method of payment listed above gets it so lmk guys, thanks

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    I'ma PayPal guy myself... easy to keep track and I'm protected on PayPal to get my money back. Enjoy Griffey.

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    lol, my bad...I reply to so many of these posts its hard to keep up....LMC if my Mom (Wife) will let me buy...


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