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    Need your opinion about playoff contenders

    I am thinking of getting a box at a card show. Has anyone opened any of these. Whats a price i should except if i am going to get one. I have seen them for 120, anyone think i could get it lower? Please let me know your opinion and any other box your recomend.

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    You can get them a little cheaper on ebay Ive seen them go for around $90-100.

    Here's a little more info on Contenders

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    I have seen them at shows for $100-$105 a box, and I believe there are 4 autos per box (but not all are rookie autos). I like SP Authentic better, but you either get a great box of SP, or a box of junk. Me...I seem to get the junk!

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    anyone know the odds on sp. Are there auto patches rcs still?

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    Contenders have so much different stuff in them you can get $1000 worth of cards in a box, or $30 worth. It's a huge gamble but it can really pay off. I was pretty happy with ym box and wanted to buy another but im saving my money for 2004 PP/Sage releases.

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    i would get contenders because you can have three crappy autos and the fourth could be awesome. on sp authentic if you don't get a good rc patch the whole box sucks. if you want to go cheaper i would get 03 leaf rookies and stars. i got one on ebay for $50 and you're guaranteed 3 gu/autos. i got a mcgahee jsy/auto bv80 and a triple jsy. sweet looking cards too. JMO

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    I bought both too and Contenders has 4 to 5 auto/box while SP Authentic only has 1.
    Both are very nice, but I like the odds better on Contenders. It also has more serial numbered cards.
    $100 - $110 should get you one.

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    i already got my boxes, and i got bazooka basketball and bowman draft picks baseball

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    the bazooka is listed on my site, and in my bdp i got weeks redemption, dennis tackerly signs of time, and chris narveson fabric of the future.

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