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Thread: Looking to buy these rcs

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    Looking to buy these rcs

    Got some extra cash & looking for these rcs

    84 Topps Marino rc (not IA)
    89 Score Aikman rc
    90 Score traded Emmitt Smith
    90 Fleer Update Ripken
    89 Donruss baseballs best Sosa
    82 Donruss Ripken
    Clemens rcs
    Gwynn rcs
    Michael Jordan rc sticker
    Steve Young rc
    Favre TSC rc
    other good vintage rcs
    PLMK what you have, the condition & what you want for them!
    May be interested in a gu \ auto lot if the price is right

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    got some nice rcs there, but I am looking mostly for older rcs. Thx though

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