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Thread: Managing Contacts and Friends

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    Managing Contacts and Friends

    To manage your contacts and friends go to User CP and click on the Contacts & Friends link in the Networking area.

    To the right you will notice your friends and contacts. By default your will see the username and avatars.

    You can uncheck the Show Avatar radio and the avatars will disappear.

    If you have a friend request you will notice it in the Your Notifications link or at the bottom of your Friends & Contacts page.

    Simply check the avatar and set it if you want these friends to show up when you show avatar by selecting/deselecting the Show Avatar radio. Then select reject or accept and click save. When you select the friend their avatar will go from watermark to full color.

    To send a request to a friend simply add their member name in the "add a member to your list" field and click Add Contact or Add Friend. To remove friends simply deselect their avatar in your friend list and hit save.

    The friend list is important because you can make your profile public message available to your friends only.

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