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Thread: Pavel Datsyuk Rookie for Trade

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    Pavel Datsyuk Rookie for Trade

    I have an 01-02 Vanguard Rookie of Pavel Datsyuk numbered to 404 that books at $80 I'd like to trade. Let me know if you're interested and what you have to offer in that value range.


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    I can't help but drool over both of these. The Gaborik books the same as the Datsyuk but I know you collect Gaborik, so is this one even up for trade? I'd be interested in the Kovy but I'm not sure i'd have anything to make up the $20 difference. Let me know.

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    Would have been good if I actually posted them :o)

    ILYA KOVALCHUK 01-02 VANGUARD $100.00 242/404


  6. #5 posting the cards did help..i was confused for a sec.

    i think ill pass for the fact that i hate the red wings and im not that big of a datsyuk fan. i was gonna try to get this card for someone i know if i could get it for the right offer. its a sweet card, but i dont think i want to part with the kovalchuk or the gaborik (which are two of the few rookies i have left after the $2000 theft of my rookie cards). hope ya understand. maybe we can work something out another time

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