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    WANTED: Bonds Exhibits and Race to 70

    Hey All... I am currently working on these two Barry Bodns sets:
    The 2002 Topps Race to 70 Set, and also the enw Leaf Exhibits Set. PLMK which you have and what you collect! Thanks!
    Selling All!

    Currently trading ONLY for Pirates autos I need, UFC/MMA cards, and Dean Palmer I need (wantlist on site). Will also consider nicer Steelers items too.
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    do you have any extras in the race to 70 set? i have number 68 but would only trade it for another as i have completed the 2002 topps set and it is card 365... if you have a double i would trade it though

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    please check my 2004 leaf box bust post.. have a bonds

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