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    SP Selanne Auto and Antropov RC

    I got these in a trade and I do not collect NHL. I did the trade just to help out another person.

    PLMK if interested in these.

  2. Kronozio
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    I'll give you these for them:

    Fleer shaq rc
    92-93 Ultra shaq rejectors
    93 Skybox Shaq Talk #3
    95-96 Fleer Total d Shaq
    94-95? UD SE Shaq
    95-96? UD Slam dunk stars Shaq
    96-96 Hoops Top 10 Shaq
    95-96 Fleer all star Shaq/Olajuwon
    95-96? TSC Top crop Shaq/Olajuwon
    96-97 UD predictor 35 pts in game Shaq (Lakers uni)

    I have'nt collected basketball since 97-98 so the years of these shaq cards might be off by one .

    lmk <JEFF

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    Do ya have anything other than Shaq cards? I have most of those already. Maybe a GU or auto of someone or 2?

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    i have a patrick ewing game used card..lmk if ur interested and i'll get the details..also how much $$$ wud u want for the Antropov?

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    Not interested in Ewing. Thanks tho. I have no idea of a BV on either card. I got them in a trade to help out another person.

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    only basketball gu I have is 97 Collectors edge Antione Walker game ball

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    What is the BV on it?
    Any inserts of players from my wantlist?
    I might be interested in the Walker

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    I have a few Rice inserts from the mid 90's

    95 Score Dream team
    99 Edge supreme gold ingot

    thats it , I thought there was more, I traded most of my 49ers to a guy in Cali.

    I'm a hockey collector, most of the cards I have left from other sports are few and far between or from before 1975

    I'll see if I can find the bv for the Walker

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