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    Andre Royal 1997 Pacific will trade heavily in your favor.

    Im still looking for Andre Royal cards. The only one I know to exist is 1997 Pacific Philadelphia #31 and the 5 parrallels from this set. He is a Panther on this card. He played for the Browns, Panthers,Saints and Colts from 94 to 00. Im trading heavily in your favor for any cards of him. I will even trade Jerseys and Autos for multiple copies and parrallels. This is a $.05 card but I will make it worth your effort to look around for these.

    BTW There are still a few people who replied to my last post that have not worked out a trade with yet. Come on guys commons for game used here!

    Thanks Ryan.

    Also paying Cash through Paypal or CardCash!

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    Linebacker card number is #31 he is wearing Carolina Panthers jersey #58

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    I will have to look, I know I have this card because I used to buy tons of these packs

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