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Thread: 03-04 rc lot f\t

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    03-04 rc lot f\t

    Busted some packs & I'm looking to trade these as a lot. Looking for a $10-15 rc for the lot
    Gold Parallell
    Darko Milicic # 275
    Travis Outlaw #272
    Zaza Pachula #247
    Jason Kapono #236
    Luke Walton
    Dwayne Wade #252
    Kieth McLeod #241
    Jason Kapono #236
    03 HHP Cream of the crop
    Darko Millicic
    Loosly basing these on Topps & some other Mid range products, bv should be around $30 on this lot
    PLMK & Thanks,
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    i will give you a troy bell ultra gold meddallion and a ultra travis hansen for them... lmk if that would work... could also throw in some CC with it

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    tutall, the only rcs I am looking for in 03-04 bkb are Lebron & Josh Howard. Thx though

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    Still available. the Darko alone will most likely book in the $10-12 range!
    PLMK & Thanks,

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    I have a josh howard victory I have alot othe basketball LMK if u want anything else mainly I need the Bosh and Outlaw

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    Mavfan41-sent your Howards. Wait until you see them! They are beauties. I found a 2004 topps howard but I would think you would already have one. I might get a whole buch more cards this weekend also. I will let you know.

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    Thanks mfweiland! lmk what you get please
    Hehateme, I could do one nice $10-15 rc of Wade, Heinrch, Bosh or maybe a couple others as well. Bottom line is, I would like to get 1 card instead of multiples for this lot.

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