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    Rollie Fingers Sweet Spot Auto for trade

    BV is 25.00.. looking for another Auto for similar BV.. lmk


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    I will give you this for it:
    2002 Donruss Autographs 217 Paul LoDuca FC/200 $25.00

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    Hmm, not really interested in that one, sorry. Anyone else?

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    I got a $25 Don Larsen auto I may trade for it (I'm guessing you're a yanks fan). LMK if at all interested, and I'll check brand and that stuff.

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    Bigruss- Didn't see anything, sorry

    A.C.- I like 00 Skybox Autographics Tim Hudson.. what's book?

    rodent 14- If I can't work something with A.C., I'll consider your offer, Thanks

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    Hudson books low, $25, but I'm holding on to it for a show this weekend. Also, I might ebay it because the last one sold for $22.

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    send me a PM if a deal with AC falls through.
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    AC- Any chance that you might, after the show, trade it for the Hudson?

    Rodent14-Sure thing!

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