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    nearly 200-300 baseball cards for football cards

    I'm not really sure who they are I just have them packed away.Most from 1990's.Just give me football cards and i'll give you baseball cards.Or if you want give me some cc.

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    how much in trade are you looking for? i will get something aruond as i do not collect football anymore and loking to get rid of what i have

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    I have quite a few that I am looking to get rid of. How much book value would you want for the lot?

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    i have about 40-50 but they are higher end stuff than 90's baseball cards... they are newer and stuff like fleer throwbacks, fleer showcase, fleer focus, fleer focus jersey edition etc..... i would trade them straight up for the baseball... lmk thanks

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    Do you know about how much you would like in trade for them? I have quite a few inserts and rc's in football to trade.

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    not really but i hate baseball and love football so 100-125 for the football cards

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