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    Show off your Best Box Pull Ever

    What is the best basketball card you ever pulled from a full box break?

    Mine was probably my Kevin Durant SP Rookie Edition 96-97 Style Auto this year.
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    my best was an 01-02 gilzero gu auto from spx. books at around $40, i just traded it, but it was really nice.

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    Michael Jordan 07-08 Premier Noteworthy Gold Auto/25 is my best pull, even though it came from a $300 box.

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    football= 99-stadium jerry rice lonestar sig,pack pull
    basketball=05 spx mj winning had 4 gu instead of 3.

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    adrian peterson auto out of leaf rookies and stars bv 350

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    My best pull, or at least my favorite pull, was from a $25 box of 04-05 Skybox Hoops. I expected to get nothing from this box. You were guranteed two GU, I was hoping just to get at least one good player. So my GU were of Shaq and Melo and I was pretty happy. But in the last pack I pulled out a RIP Hamilton Auto #'d to 75. Pretty sweet out of one of the cheapest boxes of the year, and I'm always happy when you get more than what you're guaranteed.
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    i've only bought 4 boxes ever... so i guess mine would be a ramon sessions auto from this year's SP rookie edition. pretty bad haha.
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    I found this box on clearance. Of course I had to buy it.

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    I would have to say it was a Vince Young rc Auto bv$350. Cant remember the product bein that it was year an a half ago and I dont buy footall that much
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