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    Dontrelle Willis UD Auth. 100/150 for trade

    I have a 03 UD Auth. Dontrelle Willis Rookie Hype #133 100/150

    Looking to trade for #'d Pristine RC's let me know what you have to trade.....

    thanks Clay

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    ya really looking for any recent RC's.....What you have..


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    Hey, just wondering what I traded you for that?

    I forgot lol! Im j/ reason.....

    BTW ill let you know when I recieve the mcgahee auto, have you recieved the foster yet?


    Please PM me, sorry I had to post here but your PM box is full!

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    ya I recieved them today...I traded you a bunch of Gu's as well as the McGahee Auto....Thanks Clay

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    Ok great, yeah I was looking for a trade post but I couldnt find it! Only the mcgahee for foster is listed, I forgot to check my PMs the trade is in there duh!

    Hope you enjoy the cards, Ill let you know when I recieve,

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    NE! want a DLP 2003 Dontrelle Willis emerald Auto serial #erd to 5?

    I will be putting on ebay with a reserve of 200-250.

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    I'll trade you one of my Topps Traded Dontrelle RC's for it. PLMK.


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