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Thread: looking for vintage cards

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    looking for vintage cards

    i am no longer collecting cards after 1985.
    looking for older stuff and am willing to trade any of my more recent cards. i havent got much left after 1999 but i have some .most of the higher end stuff has gone on ebay or other forums but i'd be interested in talking to anybody
    LMK dave

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    Just got the 91-92 Wolld Junior tournement Set...but I have some old ones hanging around...Misty

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    What older stuff are you looking for?

    Specific players,sets, etc.

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    i like the old bruins teams... cheevers, mackenzie sanderson,awery and the plager brothers from st.lou
    also obscure maritime players machine gun gallant,drouin
    oh yeah and eddie shack

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    i responded to your post about 10 days ago and never heard back from you in regards to the same players listed above. i understand that people get busy so if you would like to let me know what you have in those players too that'd be great.
    i also like the leafs and the california golden seals and evn the wha cards
    thanx again dave

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    fallen - would you be interested in an 80-81 Topps Rookie of Michel Goulet? Let me know.

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    hi goalpucks
    sorry i have a goulet rookie actually its an opc
    thank you anyway

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