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    03-04 Hoops HHP Star lot f\tfor less than 1/3 of bv

    looking for a $8 - 12 g\u, rc or auto for this lot
    03-04 Hoops hhp
    Sweet Selections
    Ray Allen\J Rich
    Shaq, Kobe, Duncan, Garnett, Yao, Marbury, Kidd, J Oneal, Jamison, Finley, Malone, J Rich, Parker, Gasol, Wagoner, Nene, Gooden & Spreewell
    PLMK & Thanks,
    I collect fb\bb\bkb

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    hi if i add a darko 03-04 bazooka mini rooke to my gu can i get both the lots lmk thanks

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    Nah, not looking for Darko. What ealse do you have?
    PLMK & Thanks,

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    would u trade a GU for this Mavfan41

    chris Bosh 03 Fleer Authentix "Club Box" #D026/100 BV:$24

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    deveandepot1, these where the only others on your www I saw that I could use
    03-04 upper deck ud exclusive johnathon bender 100 041/100
    01-02 ud flight team deshawn stevenson DS jersey
    lmk & thanks,

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