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    1958 topps mickey mantle for trade bv 800

    looking to trade it its in good condition

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    I'll give you all my cc or $2 dlvd. Lol, j/k. That is a beautiful card. Do you have a scan?

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    the card probably not going to go up in buy value well thats what i heard but i dont have a scan now sorry

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    What are you looking for in return because you don't have many cards that book for 800 to do a straight up trade?
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    Originally posted by joel
    i like yankees the most
    ...i always thought mickey mantle was THE yankee....strange you want to trade one of the toughest vintage cards for a load of gu/autos?

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    i can get another believe me my dad collected them all so i got tons of mantles but i picked to trade this one the only mantle i want to keep is his rc

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    just curious if you don't mind me asking, how old are you? your dad just "gave" you more tthan a grand in mantles and vintage?? if i were you i'd be in heaven and i don't even like vintage.

    also did you trade tthat nolan ryan rc?

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