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    Could use cash but if a trade is what i need i might trade. I will Accept Cash or Money Order only. Also you can email me at

    Looking For Antonio Bryant, Troy Aikman,Emmitt Smith, Roy Williams, Michael Irvin, other Cowboys and players G/U and Auto's or you can leave a site link or list.

    Please make your offer with your Post, PM, or E-mail

    Prices are BV of the cards


    02 Topps Pristine Auto's
    David Carr $100
    Patrick Ramsey $40

    02 Topps Debut Auto
    Eric Crouch #ed 860/1499 $30

    02 Topps Finest Auto
    Ashley Lelie #ed 818/1200 $50

    02 Pacific Exclusive Auto's
    Clinton Portis #ed 376/524 $100
    Josh McCown #ed 507/779 $25


    2003 Topps Pros & Prospects "unlisted" B.O.
    Kareem Kelly "Class Marks" Auto
    Ken Dorsey "Class Marks" Auto

    2003 SAGE HIT AUTO'S
    Kevin Curtis"Class of 2003" #ed 26/100 $25
    Kevin Curtis $10
    Terry Pierce $12
    Tyrone Calico $10
    Chris Simms "Class of 2003" #ed 39/100 $50
    Ronald Bellamy "Silver" $12

    Terry Charles $8
    Cliff Russell $12

    2003 PRESS PASS AUTO's
    Mike Bush $8
    Earnest Graham $12
    Andrew Pinnock $12

    2002 Bowman Best Auto's
    Chester Taylor $12
    Lito Sheppard $10
    Tellis Redmon $12
    Lamar Gordon $12
    Charles grant "Blue" #ed 201/399 $12

    2002 SP Authentic Auto's
    J.T. O'Sullivan #ed 942/1150 $20

    2002 Playoff Contenders Auto
    Mike Rumph #ed 385/510 $25
    Kalimba Edwards #ed 402/510 $30

    2002 SPX "Supreme Signatures"
    Santana Moss $15

    2002 SPX Auto
    Jabar Gaffney Auto and Jersey Card #ed 169/650 $30

    2002 Bowman Chrome Auto
    Javin Hunter $12
    Edward Reed $20


    2001 Pacific Atomic
    Junior Seau Jersey (dark blue) $15
    Chris Weinke RC Jersey (Maroon) $15
    Larry Centers Jersey (Red) $10
    Bob Christan Jersey (black) $10
    Germane Crowell Patch 3colo(blue,grey,White) $12+
    Ricky Prohel Patch 2color (dark blue, gold) $15 +

    2001 Playoff Honors Rookie Tandems (football piece)
    Andre Carter/Dan Morgan # RT-17 $10

    2001 Donruss Classic "Stadium Stars"
    D.Mcnabb (red) "Piece of Seat" $15

    2001 Donruss Classic "Team Colors"
    Doresy Levens (green) Jersey $12

    2001 Fleer Showcase "Patch Work"
    Torry Holt (white) Jersey $15

    2001 Fleer Showcase "Showcase"
    Fred Taylor (white) Jersey $12

    2001 Finest
    Marvin Harrison "Stadium ThrowBacks" (Piece of seat) $12

    2002 Fleer Genuine
    Isaac Bruce "Names of the Game" Jersey (white) #ed 447/500 $10

    2002 Sp Legendary Cuts
    Clinton Portis"Rookie Recruits" Jersey(dark Blue) $40

    2002 Showcase "Air to Thrown"
    Tim Couch (White) Jersey $12

    2002 Upper Deck "Ground Shakers"
    Anthony Thomas(Black) Jersey $10

    2002 Upper Deck "Battle Worn"
    Jevon Kearse(white) Jersey $10

    2002 Grid IronKings"Gridiron Cut Collection"
    Ed McCaffrey #ed 341/400 (Blue) Jersey $15
    Mike Allstot #ed 77/400 (Red)Jersey $12

    2002 Reebok Rookie Premiere
    William Green (brown) Jersey $15

    2002 Upper Deck "Glory Bound"
    Dante Stallworth(White) Jersey $15

    2002 Sp Authentic
    Cliff Russell 2 color Jersey Burgundy/white #ed 146/850(need premium) $30+
    Harrington(Blue)/Mcnabb(White) Dual jersey $25

    2002 SPX "gold" Jersey
    Terrell Owens (red with 2 little black stitches) #ed 224/250 $15

    2002 Flair "Tools of the Trade"
    Deshaun Foster Jrsy/Ball (football has few holes and black line)
    Premium $15+

    2002 Flair "Franchise Fav."
    Edgerrin James Jersey(white) $15

    2002 Bowman Best Jersey's
    Deshaun Foster (black) $10
    Patrick Ramsey "Blue" Jersey(white) #ed 30/399 $20

    2003 Playoff Prestige "unlisted" B.O.
    Garrison Hearst Jersey (red) #ed 2/250

    2003 Topps Pros & Prospects "unlisted" B.O.
    Terrence Edwards "Collegiate Cuts" Jersey(red)
    Jarret Johnson "Collegiate Cuts" Jersey(red)
    Kindal Moorehead"Collegiate Prep Patch" Patch(white) #ed 10/25

    2003 fleer Ultra "unlisted" B.O.
    Priest Holmes "Award Winners" Jersey (White)

    If you are interested Please feel free to make me a offer.

    Thank you for your time



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    Look at my WWW and see if any of the Emmitt/Bryant GU cards interest you. If so I will look and see what I want/need from you.

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    Originally posted by rice80fan2
    Look at my WWW and see if any of the Emmitt/Bryant GU cards interest you. If so I will look and see what I want/need from you.
    2002 Leaf Rc's and Stars GU Antonio Bryant jersey. (#131/650)
    2002 Topps Pristine Emmitt Smith Pristine Portions jersey

    i could use these 2



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    I am intersted in your
    2002 Upper Deck "Ground Shakers"
    Anthony Thomas(Black) Jersey $10

    Here is my partial tradelist, and I also have one at Beckett with a few of my football RC's user ID dweightfan31

    Please let me know if you can use anything. I would also be interested in any base or other cards you may have of the following players:

    David Terrell (Bears)
    Anthony Thomas (Bears)
    Tai Streets (49ers)
    Brian Griese (Broncos)
    Tom Brady (Patriots)
    Bennie Joppru (Texans)
    Drew Henson (Texans/Yankees)
    BJ Askew (Jets)
    Amani Toomer (Giants)---no base
    Charles Rogers (Lions)
    Scotty Anderson (Lions)


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    I'm interested in:

    2002 Bowman Best Auto's
    Chester Taylor $12

    Would you sell it? Or are you looking to trade?

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    what can i give ya for the santana moss supreme sig? CHECK MY SITE AND EMAIL ME BACK THANKS

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