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Thread: Your Commons for Mine

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    Your Commons for Mine

    Hey people I am wondering if there are any collectors out there that have thousands of common doubles that would be willing to swap thiers for mine???? I am looking to expand my collection not really interested in the finance aspect.... So if you are interested in getting a pile of my commons in exchange for yours then let me know!!!!! e-mail me or pm so we can figure something out......

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    Question Tried before

    HI: I tried to work with you before as I have a ton of commons as that is what I collect but I am only looking for Flyer commons in return, so please let me know what you are interested in and I will gladly help you, as I have over 100,000 commons. Thanks "D" Harpoon
    I collect all Flyers commons and inserts in uniform only!
    Thanks "D" Harpoon

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