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    hey ricknashcollector,

    i can get a 02-03 rick nash titanium rookie /99 worth $300 if i want it. the only problem is that the guy wants 3 of my favorite cards, so im debating whether or not to do the trade. im trying to see what i could get for the nash card. im not sure i wanna give up the cards that the guy wants, but if i can get a good deal in return for the titanium nash, then i will do it.


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    I will give you something good for it if you get it, I have 2 Roy jersey cards left, these cards will go up now that he retired, both BV=$150 each

    one is a dual with Mario Lemieux

    let me know if you get it

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    i think im going to pass on the trade....he wants these from me for the nash

    01-02 bowman YS kovalchuk auto 26/50 $125
    02-03 sp auth. jay bouwmeester rookie auto 414/999 $125
    01-02 vanguard kovalchuk rookie /404 $100

    kovalchuk is basically a proven star already (39 goals in his second season), so i dont wanna risk getting rid of my two best kovalchuk cards for nash

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